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Traveling Well in Bali and around the World

As you drive or walk around Ubud, have you considered what is in the air that you’re breathing?

Most people don’t realize that with each breath you’re ingesting high levels of carbon monoxide, lead, synthetic and petro-chemicals, dust, odors, suspended particulates and other nasties.

We each breathe about 15,000 liters of air every day, and it’s critical to be aware of getting the best air quality possible, especially in busy urban areas. It has now been medically proven that many diseases and maladies can be caused or exacerbated by breathing impure and toxic air.

If you practice yoga, eat raw or organic food and aspire to conscious living, there’s good news. There are several air masks on the market today that can filter out toxic contaminates. It’s also important to know which ones work and which don’t. For example, a simple paper surgical mask sold in pharmacies without carbon filtration are only effective for dust and smoke, not chemicals or toxins.

In Bali where burning incense, leaves, rubbish and even plastic is a common practice, we need to take measures to protect our health – as we do with personal hygiene, mosquito repellents and pure food choices.

As those who practice Pranayama know, learning to control the breath is an effective way to maintain physiological and psychological balance. Being able to breathe in a rhythmic flow without toxic interference optimizes the intake of Prana and importantly, aids the release of carbon dioxide.

Ironically, exercise can actually increase the negative effects of air pollution on your health because you are inhaling more of the potentially harmful substances. 
If you’ve ever experienced getting a cold, flu or nausea after a long flight, this is likely due to dry, impure air being circulated in the planes.

Charles Gerba, an environmental microbiologist at the University of Arizona indicates that low humidity and resulting dehydration in planes is a major factor causing jetlag and related health issues. Drinking water alone can’t hydrate respiratory membranes in the dry re-circulated cabin air.

Your nose naturally warms and humidifies the air you inhale to moisturize the lungs and reduce exposure to airborne pathogens and contaminants. Wearing a good air mask will significantly help you maintain hydration and preserve optimum health while in the air and on the ground.

From Impure to OmPure        

I’ve travelled in some of the most polluted cities in the world, and as a Health Practitioner I wanted to create the best possible air-mask using all organic and natural materials, while being affordable to everyone.

OmPure is well known for high quality yoga wear, and now we’re proud to introduce the world’s first fully organic carbon-filtered mask – the OmPure AirMask.

Together with the creators of the Bali Spirit Festival, OmPure is offering the best air protection while spending time in Bali and traveling abroad. Combining creative design, quality manufacturing and using local materials, including plant-dyed organic cotton, the OmPure AirMask will make your visit to Bali even more blissful.

If you purchased a Full Pass to the Bali Spirit Festival this year, inside your welcome package and gift bag you’ll find a complimentary OmPure AirMask. You can also purchase the OmPure AirMask at our Daytime Dharma Fair booth (look for our sign) or visit our store on Jl Hanoman next to KAFE. Look in the Bali Festival Coupon Book for our offer of a FREE AirMask with your purchase at OmPure.

OmPure AirMask features & benefits:

Organic woven cotton with activated carbon filter

Protection from pollution, air-travel, allergies

Filters out exhaust, dust, odors, pollen

Appealing designs & colors to choose from

Easy to wear with excellent fit, comfort & style

Native Balinese plant-based dyes

Sustainably hand-made in Bali


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