The Designer

Yesheila is a visionary artist and designer, dedicated yogini, devotional singer as well as a raw food chef and mother of four beautiful children.

At a very young age her grandmother taught her how to hand sow and crochet her own clothes, most important thing she learned from her was that she could create anything she wanted as long as she could envision it.

In the early 70s her free spirit led her to travel extensively in Asia, collecting beautiful and exotic textiles which she hand-crafted into her own unique clothing line.

Over the years, as one thing led to another, she found herself on the beautiful Island of Bali designing an exotic line of yoga wear that she named Ompure.

Since then her designs have evolved into a more fashionable and relaxed style that emphasizes comfort, elegance, and natural flow. Her creations are a reflection of her own evolution as a fashion designer and a yogini.

Yesheila is now spending most of her time traveling between Bali and India where she continues to live a natural and organic lifestyle.